In The Spotlight: CRM Executive Emma Beard

August 22nd, 2018 by Amy

We sat down to talk with our CRM Executive, Emma, about everything she does at Lindar.

Hey Emma 👋 Tell us about yourself

I’m Emma – a 24-year-old metalhead and cat person. What else did you want to know?

What does your job entail?

I execute the marketing strategies used to boost customer retention. This includes segmenting our customer database and coming up with the appropriate promotional content to send those customers, as well as some analyses to see what worked and what didn’t.

What does a CRM Executive do day-to-day?

As soon as I get into the office, I make myself some tea ☕ and toast and sit down to check my emails, respond to any support queries and review the financials to discover how well our previous promotions have done.

Then, it’s time to start writing and scheduling the emails and SMS’ for that week. At some stage, I’ll put on my headphones 🎧 while getting on with the tasks I have to do that day.

Where were you before starting at Lindar?

I’d just graduated from my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Sussex. Going from brain dissections to marketing was a bit of a drastic change; however, I like to think my understanding of psychology and human behaviour will assist me in whatever path I lead.

What do you love about life at Lindar?

It’s a great company to work for if you want to feel at home. We can wear what we like, listen to what we like and help ourselves to chocolate from the fridge. 🍫

But most importantly I enjoy the flexibility of being able to come up with my own ideas and get analytical. I also enjoy working as part of a small team to get things done.

What do you find challenging?

Coming up with new promotions that haven’t been done before can be challenging. There are a limited number of offers we can give to our customers so we always have to come up with new angles and approaches to make them seem more interesting.

This has really helped to stretch my creative thinking; you can approach anything from an infinite amount of angles if you put your mind to it.
Best lesson your job has taught you?

Not to doubt my own judgement – the best way to figure out if something works is to try it.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you do?

If I didn’t go into full-time employment I would hope to continue my academic studies studying the brain and human behaviour. 🧠

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not in the office?

I like to escape reality with books and TV such as Vikings and Game of Thrones, or absorb the souls of dragons playing Skyrim on my Xbox. 🎮

I’m also nurturing my plants that I started growing on my desk in the office; I had to take them home as they were getting a little out of hand…

In The Spotlight: Lead Illustrator Abbie Watts

August 15th, 2018 by Amy

We chat with our lead illustrator, Abbie, to find out what she gets up to at Lindar HQ.

Hi Abbie! 👋 Tell us a bit about you?

I’m Abbie, a quarter of a century old and the Lead Illustrator here at Lindar.

What does a Lead Illustrator do?

I focus on creating our online bingo and casino sites, deciding on their branding and ensuring they deliver a smooth and simple user journey (while also making sure they look pretty).

We have a handful of sites with 888 and Nektan, which can be a little more restrictive in terms of design. However, with our own site – MrQ – launching very soon, I’ve had complete free reign which has been awesome!

How do you keep yourself busy every day?

Everyday starts with a nice brew for myself and the tea crew. Unfortunately with the growth of our team this isn’t as easy as it used to be. Although, it gives us a little extra time to catch up on all the Love Island drama.

Work-wise my days differ, but recently I’ve been working on the final pages/features needed for the launch of MrQ and ensuring everything looks perfect for launch. Between these tasks, I’m drinking more tea. ☕

Where were you before working at Lindar?

I was studying Product Design at the University of Hertfordshire, working part-time at Sainsbury’s on the weekend.

It was when I received my shiny 5 years of service badge and the start of deli training that I got the good news that I finally got a job in design. It’s safe to say I don’t miss working weekends!

What’s the best part of your job?

I guess my job wouldn’t be as enjoyable without the squad #banter. Oh, and the weekly supply of chocolate stacked up in the fridge.

Then the serious stuff, I love to see my designs go from a .sketch file to a fully functioning website. 🖥

What have you struggled with?

Not everything is so easy going, I’m still facing new challenges with UX design and having to tackle more complicated tasks that require a lot more thinking. It’s crazy how much thought has to go behind something like how a player makes a deposit, and whether we’re showing actions like this in the most user-friendly way possible.

Another is being out of my comfort zone with the design style, with the ban of ‘childish imagery’ across all gambling websites, it meant we had to completely redesign all of our sites using real imagery rather than illustration.

This was our choice of course, and in the end, I think we can say our sites are looking stronger than ever!

Best lesson you’ve learned?

I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been at Lindar. Coming from a background of Product Design, UI/UX design was pretty new to me. So, I guess I can say it’s taught me everything I know! 🖌

Being the first in-house designer here meant I just had to get stuck in and read up on things. Youtube tutorials were the way forward.

Also, with design ‘fun time’ every Wednesday afternoon, Lindar’s also allowed me to learn even more software and skills, particularly for animation.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you do?

Originally throughout university, I wanted to eventually get into toy design, but as my love for illustration grew I guess I’d love to illustrate children’s books.

However, as most people here are aware, it’s my dream to live on a farm (with all the cows 🐮). So I guess if all else failed, I’d have to marry a farmer.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not in the office?

I like to be outdoors and eating lots of delicious food. Oh, and watching movies. When I’m not doing any of these things, you will find me with a bottle of bubbles 🍾 in one hand, and a glass in the other boogying the weekend away.

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