NOTE: Acolyte has been rewritten in Kotlin and it’s still 100% compatible with Java!

Util classes:

  • ObjectsAcolyte:
    • copy: copies two objects by copying the variables with same name and type. This is useful when you want to create a clone of the database model but one that matches your view’s needs.
    • listAllVariablesWithGetters: returns all public variables that have a getter including the inherited ones
    • objectNullOrEmpty: check if an object is null and if collection and not null it will also check if it’s empty
  •  ListsAcolyte
    • listContainsIgnoreCase: check if list contains a string param and ignores the case
    • listIsEmpty and listIsNotEmpty: check if a list is null and empty or not null and not empty
  • NumbersAcolyte
    • numberNullOrZero and numberGreaterThanZero: check if number is null or equal to zero or number not null and greater than zero. Supports any number (extends Number) including BigDecimal, BigInteger, etc
  • BigDecimalAcolyte
  • NumberFormatterAcolyte: helpful with formatting numbers and money
  • PasswordValidator
  • UsernameValidator





Last version written in Java was:



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